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Our philosophy is…Provide it, and they will come! This is the cornerstone of our firm. We understand that each client has different policies and concerns when it comes to insuring a smooth transaction.

- Communicate with our clients. All voicemails, emails and faxes are returned promptly.
- Provide monthly reporting to update status on all existing files.
- Are technologically advanced to expedite files.
- Are your local attorney in all licensed states and do not outsource our files or pass down any
  potential travel costs to you.
- Are experienced in both judicial and non-judicial states.
- Are proficient in popular mortgage industry software (Vendorscape, Lenstar, New Invoice etc.)
- Have a dedicated phone line for judges to call with questions. This line is given top priority.
- Professional, friendly and courteous staff ready to assist you.

Each month Phil Kleinsmith will write on a topic of interest.
> Disposition of Personal Property
> Missing Assignments
> Second Mortgagees: When and When Not to Foreclose and How
> Under what conditions is a mortgagee secure in proceeding with a non-judicial foreclosure in Tennessee and other states when land and a manufactured home are collateral?
> Ambush by an Inferior Lienholder
> Surplus or Excess Funds
> Agreed Orders Granting Relief & When is an Order Granting Relief Not Required
> How to Bid at a Foreclosure Sale
> The Servicemember's Civil Relief Act
> Illegal Late Charges
> Sufficient Notice
> The Case of the Disappearing Collateral

One Stop Shop
No need to deal with the hassle of using numerous attorneys in multiple states any longer. We maintain and process all files in our Colorado office making it convenient for our clients to get information needed quickly.
We Specialize in
- Real Estate Law
- Foreclosures
- Creditor Bankruptcy
- Collections
- Evictions
- Deficiency Judgments
- Replevins
- Deed in Lieu of Foreclosure
- Forbearance Agreements
- Proof of Claims
- Litigation

Click the map for information about our licensed states.

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